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Why Does Paintwork and Wallpaper Crack?

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment stacked in warehouse Water damaged home? SERVPFO has you covered. Call us day or night.

Cracks and Discoloration Can Be a Sign of Water Damage. SERVPRO Helps Clearwater Residents Mitigate Loss and Restore their Homes

Clearwater is on the peninsula of a tri-city metropolitan area in Florida. The city of 107,685 residents shares a metro area with St. Petersburg and Tampa, both to the south-east of Clearwater. The metro area is colloquially known as the Tampa Bay Area. The place blends a rich local history on Cleveland Street with excellent surrounding nature. The waterway that runs through the downtown area is an Intracoastal link between the city and its stunning beaches. Clearwater is an essential destination for those with an interest or career, in marine life, with bottle-nose dolphins and whales frequenting the beaches and surrounding ocean.

Clearwater grew in stature in the early twentieth century with the establishment of the essential trading infrastructure. In 1914 a large bridge was built connecting the recently incorporated town to Clearwater Beach, which shores Mexico's Gulf. Throughout the Second World War, the city was a stopping over point for US military troops en route to mainland Europe. The city's hotels were repurposed as temporary military barracks during this period. The Pinellas County seat is located in Clearwater, while the region itself has been voted in the top ten of places to retire in America. The warm, subtropical climate ensures a steady flow of tourists to the area throughout the year.

  • Clearwater Beach is the main attraction of the area, thanks to the region's superb climate throughout the year. The white sands just off Causeway Boulevard expand for 2.5 miles while the site itself is a marine barrier, bordering both the Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The harbor, marina, and Pier 60 extend onto the western coast featuring live music and performances throughout the year. The oceanside boulevard is also a popular nightlife destination with late-night bars and fresh seafood restaurants.
  • Regular dolphin and whale-watching tours set off from the marina. People can observe superb marine wildlife from Clearwater's aquarium and the numerous boat and helicopter tours across the shore. The Calypso Queen Tropical Party Buffet Cruise is among the most popular.

SERVPRO Can Help Clearwater Residents Rescue their Home from Long-lasting Water Issues

The signs of water damage in your Clearwater home could be as benign as cracking wallpaper, yellowing paintwork, or unpleasant odor. While these may seem like cosmetic damages, they could be hiding a long-term water exposure issue. SERVPRO can assess, identify and restore potentially costly water intrusion events in your home. You can contact us twenty-four hours a day to arrange service.

  • Advanced structural cavity drying systems are capable of circulating air inside floor and wall spaces. Drying these areas is critical to mitigating losses from water intrusion.
  • We take special care of your personal belongings and can often reverse the damaging effects of water exposure.
  • Our team is local to Clearwater and can arrive at your property within four hours of notification of loss.

Signs of water damage can get exponentially worse without professional intervention. Contact SERVPRO of Largo for water damage technicians at (727) 586-0060.

Does Fire and Smoke Remediation Depend on the Soot?

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Fire and soot damage should be handled by the professionals. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and trained for the job.

SERVPRO knows each residue needs a different approach

One of the significant parts of fire and smoke remediation is dealing with the different kinds of smoke residue. The sight of blackened walls and ceilings can be very unsettling, but a professional remediation team like SERVPRO can sort it out and leave your home clean again.

When it comes to fire and smoke remediation in Clearwater, it is vital that the restoration crew understands the different types of soot:

  • Dry soot looks black and powdery
  • Wet soot is much more oily and tends to spread across surfaces if you try to brush it away
  • Protein soot is paler in color (brown or yellow) and often smells noxious.

Our teams know how to assess smoke damage and determine the type of soot to draw up an appropriate cleaning plan. For example, we might use a powerful HEPA vacuum to deal with dry soot to prevent it from spreading into the air. We might tackle soot-damaged basement walls or wooden beams with baking soda blasting.

For a knowledgeable fire and smoke remediation service, call SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060.

How can SERVPRO Help with Water Damage Restoration?

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians at work. Water damage is no easy task. Call the professionals at SERV PRO for the water restoration services needed for your home.

We know Largo residents are relying on us.

Water damage restoration is an exact science. It is tempting to try and mop the water up yourself after an appliance or pipe breaks, but it is better to call in the professionals.

If you need water damage restoration in Largo, SERVPRO has the know-how and equipment to remediate the situation. We take care of every aspect of water damage restoration, including:

  • Drying water-damaged furniture and upholstery
  • Cleaning household items and toys
  • Deodorizing your home to leave it smelling fresh

If necessary, we can send clothes, accessories, and textiles to our facility for specialist ESPORTA cleaning. We also have sonic cleaning tanks for utensils, blinds, and other household items.

We can use spot cleaning to tackle water stains on delicate materials such as a favorite chair or ULV fogging to disinfect and deodorize all the hidden nooks and crannies.

We monitor moisture levels in your home throughout the restoration, and we use the readings to adjust our approach as necessary. The result is a clean, dry home that feels “Like it never even happened.”

For a professional water damage restoration service, call SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060.

Do You Need Help with Fire Damage Restoration in Largo?

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fleet ready for work SERVPRO is much more than fire restoration services. They will help you throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

SERVPRO helps Largo residents deal with fire’s aftermath

Largo first became famous as a bedroom community – a mostly residential neighborhood that was well-placed for busier towns like Tampa. Largo was first incorporated in 1905. Back then, it was mostly a farming town. The primary sources of income were cattle and hog farming, sawmills, turpentine stills, and, of course, citrus groves. 

After the Great Depression, Largo was left with a lot of debt, and the city’s population dropped by 30%. However, it has enjoyed rapid progress since and even calls itself “The City of Progress.”

Relax around Largo

One of the things residents and tourists love about Largo is that it still has a laid-back oceanside vibe despite its size. If you want to relax and enjoy a slower pace of life, Largo offers plenty of opportunities:

  • George C. McGough Nature Park offers a relaxing oasis that you will not be in a hurry to leave. Stroll through shady oak hammocks, enjoy the mangroves, or visit the butterfly garden. There are lots of interactive activities for children, and the park is home to a large population of turtles.
  • Largo Central Park is an urban park in the heart of the city, but it is so lush and green you will think you are in the countryside! The park features plenty of grasslands, along with water features and picnic areas. There are also several playgrounds for children.
  • Florida Botanical Gardens offers 182 acres of beautifully designed gardens. There are educational activities for children and interpretive nature trails where you can see everything from bald eagles to tortoises. 

If you are looking for something different to do, Largo also offers a wonderful Heritage Museum. Take a step back in time to the early nineteenth century at this fascinating historical village. You can explore everything from authentic greengrocers and a church to homes, schools, and even a railroad. The museum also offers live re-enactments throughout the year.

Enjoy time at the beach.

Largo also offers access to some gorgeous beaches. Some of the most popular include:

  • Clearwater Beach offers miles of white sands, with stunning sunsets in the evening.
  • Indian Rocks Beach is the nearest beach to Largo and offers the same white sands and stunning views as Clearwater, with fewer crowds. It’s also an ideal place for snorkeling.
  • Madeira Beach offers lovely sands and easy access to a wide range of parks, shops, and restaurants.

Do not let fire damage unsettle you – we are here to help.

SERVPRO understands that seeing the results of fire damage is devastating. That is why we designed our fire damage restoration service to be as stress-free and helpful as possible.

Of course, we take care of the core parts of fire damage restoration:

  • Assessing the situation
  • Using monitoring tools to measure water damage from fire-fighting
  • Scrubbing away soot
  • Overseeing structural repairs such as replacing drywall or carpets

However, we take care of other aspects, too. We can send your belongings to specialist facilities for extra cleaning. We can also liaise with your insurance company and provide evidence for your claim. And if you need to move your belongings out, we can take care of that and safely bring them back.

If you need help with fire damage restoration in your home, call SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060.

Experience a Multisensory Art Exhibit Near Clearwater

1/28/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration vehicles parked in parking lot; back doors open SERVPRO's technicians are masters at remediating commercial flood damage.

The Dali Museum's "Van Gogh Alive" Exhibit is a Short Drive Away from Clearwater

Are you a fan of Van Gogh's works and interested in seeing them in a new immersive way?  Well, over the next few weeks, Clearwater residents can experience the Dali Museum's innovative multisensory Van Gogh exhibit in nearby St. Petersburg.  The display features:

  • More than 3,000 massive, high-definition projected Van Gogh paintings
  • A classical score, synchronized to the visuals, delivered via high-quality surround-sound
  • Informational videos and photographs about the artwork displayed alongside it

This unique art exhibition is being held between November 21st and April 11th, and tickets are available online at the museum's website.

Your neighbors at SERVPRO of Largo are pleased to announce this exciting new cultural event.  And we would also like to remind you that we are always here to help when natural disasters strike.  If your business ever suffers flood damage, call us at (727) 586-0060 for help.

Enjoy a Nice Cultural Outing in Largo

1/21/2021 (Permalink)

City of Largo logo Largo has everything from wildlife to Broadway Shows. And it also offers top notch commercial fire restoration from SERVPRO.

Watch the Broadway Musical Wicked at the Largo Community Center

Do you enjoy Broadway musicals but do not want to venture far from your home or business?  Well, then, the City of Largo’s Department of Recreation, Parks, & Arts (DRPA) has just the thing for you.  During January, the city will present two showings of the musical Wicked, a popular modern retelling of the classic novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum.  When planning your attendance, remember the following essential details:

  • The musical is being held at the Largo Community Center
  • Showings take place on January 29th at 7 PM and on January 30th at 12 PM
  • Tickets cost $5/show
  • Purchase tickets either online at Largo’s DRPA website or by calling (727) 518-3131

With that said, your helpful neighbors at SERVPRO of Largo would like to welcome you to this entertaining cultural event.  We also would like to take the time to remind you of the ever-present risks of show-stopping commercial fires.  So, remember, if your business ever needs fire damage restoration, call us at (727) 586-0060 for assistance.

The Remarkable Environment of the Largo Area

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

blue heron in water Let SERVPRO remediate your water damage while you enjoy all Largo has to offer.

Largo’s Beautiful Natural Landscapes and Unique Wildlife

As a Largo resident, you may not realize all the natural resources your city has to offer, which is because familiarity often causes us to overlook or miss things that visitors readily notice.  Our city’s prime location in Florida blesses it with access to miles of white sand beaches, numerous parks, and a wide variety of wildlife.  Local beaches cater to every type of beachgoer, whether energetic young people searching for fun in the sun, families with children, or older couples wanting to watch a sunset.  Area parks offer visitors hours of peaceful leisure and play host to many birds, land-based creatures, and aquatic life.

The Diverse and Picturesque Beaches Near Largo  

One of the many advantages to residing on Florida’s Gulf Coast is having easy access to numerous beautiful beaches.  The ones of the Largo area are located just offshore, on a string of barrier islands, and offer visitors remarkably diverse experiences.  The most notable of these oceanfront areas are:

  • Honeymoon Island Beach, an unspoiled natural island seashore, where you can escape the crowds, enjoy miles of white sand beaches, and observe a local eagle population
  • Clearwater Beach, a laid-back oceanfront with calm waters and numerous casual cafes and restaurants
  • Sand Key Beach, a park beach within a short seven-mile drive of Largo that is perfect for seashell hunting, bird-watching, and observing sunsets
  • Belleair Beach, a small family-friendly beach with bathrooms, showers, and a picnic area
  • Indian Rocks Beach, a quiet seashore with shallow waters that is perfect for families with small children
  • Indian Shores Beach, a popular place for locals that has convenient parking and is close to numerous eateries and other conveniences

All located within twenty short miles of Largo, these picturesque seashores range from the exceedingly remote and secluded to those closer to the action.  Taken together, they have something attractive to individuals, couples, and families with children.

Largo’s Various Parks

Several parks perfect for nature watching and other outdoor activities are distributed throughout the city of Largo.  So, regardless of where residents live in town, they are never far from one of these natural oases.  With that said, the primary local parks include:

  • Eagle Lake Park, a natural area boasting several walking trails, a 2,000-foot wetland boardwalk, a couple of ponds, and catch and release fishing spots
  • George McGough Nature Park, home of a large aquatic turtle population, hosts the Narrows Environmental Education Center, which contains several live animal exhibits and offers numerous children’s activities
  • John Bonner Nature Park, a small park with wooded birding trails and a wetland boardwalk to the Intracoastal Waterway
  • John Taylor Park, a large natural area with a big lake, multi-use trails, and a disc golf course
  • Largo Central Park, a community centerpiece that has 70 acres of recreational space, several playgrounds, and a performing arts center that accommodates concerts and plays
  • Largo Central Park Nature Preserve, an area with a butterfly garden, hiking trails, a pond, and a kayak launch, where you can observe various kinds of wildlife

Locals can exercise at each of these nearby venues, watch wildlife, and generally experience the great outdoors.

Fauna of the Largo Area

While residents are out in one of the previously mentioned natural environments, they should keep their eyes peeled for some of the locale’s other residents.  These incredibly diverse creatures can be observed in the air, on land, and in the water.  Some of those commonly seen around our community are:

  • Great Blue Herons, wading birds with long necks that are often found in wetlands
  • Brown Pelicans, birds with large, scoop-like beaks usually seen around coastal areas
  • Red Foxes, a common dog-like animal that is land-based
  • Marsh Rabbits, small cottontail rabbits found in swamps and marshes
  • American Alligators, dark-colored alligators that have a broad snout and are generally found in freshwater wetlands
  • Manatees, large aquatic mammals that live in shallow, marshy coastal areas

Regardless of which natural venue you decide to visit in our area, if you stay long enough, you have a good chance of observing one of these delightful creatures.

As you can see, Largo possesses tons of natural beauty and offers its residents several convenient locations to fully experience it.  Whatever outdoor activities you may desire, our community and its environs likely have for which you are looking.  At the same time, the local environment’s biodiversity often delights even the most experienced wildlife enthusiasts.

With all that said, SERVPRO of Largo would like to remind you that we are always here to help.  Unlike other local services, our highly skilled technicians are specifically trained to handle significant water cleanups.  Moreover, they have all the necessary high-tech equipment to do the job right.  So, when you need assistance, call us at (727) 586-0060. 

What Does Water Cleanup Involve?

Water cleanup services are often needed when pipes leak or rupture, a roof leak develops, your home’s drainage system becomes clogged, or when appliances malfunction.  These problems, and the water-related issues they produce, can develop slowly over the long term, or suddenly happen all at once.  Regardless of the cause of your home’s standing water and excess moisture, SERVPRO professionals work to clean it up by:

  • Using moisture sensors and meters, as well as infrared cameras, to precisely identify the sources of the water and the materials impacted by it
  • Blocking the water source
  • Employing wet vacs and powerful extractors to remove standing water
  • Drying out interior air and impacted surfaces with high-tech air movers, dehumidifiers, and Injectidry systems
  • Treating affected furnishings and carpeting with injection devices
  • Eliminating water-related odors with cutting edge foggers that aerosolize EPA-approved antimicrobials and deodorants

In all these ways, SERVPRO of Largo quickly works to remediate your water-related situation.  Ultimately, our experts’ goal is to effectively complete your job while saving you the most time and money possible.  With that in mind, remember us whenever you need water cleanup services.  Call us anytime at (727) 586-0060 for assistance.

Santa Claus Is Calling and Sending Letters to All Kids Across Largo, FL

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Santa typing Don't let a water leak lead into mold in your home. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the water mitigation you need.

Join Other Parents in Largo, FL in Surprising Your Kids This Holiday Season with A Call From Father Christmas

With the holidays around the corner, the most unique and memorable surprise you can create for your child is letting him or her interact with the big man himself. Held on Tuesday, December 15 from 6 PM to 8 PM, Santa can only interact with your kid via either:

  • A phone call
  • A letter

The letter option is best for kids who may not be available for a call. Santa can graft a personalized letter for your kid and have it delivered to your preferred address on the same day. Due to a large number of requests, one can only receive a call or letter. Grab a form at Largo Library and from all Recreation facilities.

SERVPRO of Largo is glad to inform you about Santa's Calling event. If a water leak in your property is ignored for more than 24 hours, mold growth can occur. We have the products and remediation skills required to get your property to its pre-damage state. Contact us at (727) 586-0060 for professional mold remediation in your Largo home to make it "Like it never even happened."

Join Other Residents of Clearwater FL for this Year's Holiday Extravaganza

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

Water damage fallen drywall, and moisture cuts into the wall. Minimize the water damage in your home. Call SERVPRO for the help and experience that is needed.

Enjoy a Day Full of Fun Experiences with Other Residents of Clearwater FL

After a long busy day on 7th December, why don't you join your neighbors after work for a night full of fun experiences? From 28th November to 23rd December, Downtown Clearwater is celebrating the holiday season with:

  • Virtual events
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Crafting makes and takes
  • Decorations

This city is excited to continue the yearly holiday celebration and present the Holiday Extravaganza. The safety and health of attendees is a priority, and the organizers have considered how to move forward amidst COVID-19. They monitor the situation closely with state and local authorities' assistance while also observing the response of other large, public events.

Social distancing and masks for attendees are required. It would help if you kept a safe distance as you have fun. Happy holidays!

SERVPRO of Largo welcomes you to the Holiday Extravaganza. We are one of the leading water restoration companies in Clearwater with decades of experience in restoration. If there is water damage to your property, we can help you to restore it. Call us at (727) 586-0060 immediately after the incident to minimize the damage and get your property to its preloss state.

Rely on Professional Restorers for Effective Tidal Groundwater Removal in Largo, FL

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's green fleet outside the Largo Elks Club. Has groundwater destroyed your club or business? Call SERVPRO for the water restoration services to get you back into action.

SERVPRO Technicians Provide Property Owners in Largo, FL with Reliable Groundwater Removal Services

Largo is the fourth-largest city in the Tampa Bay area and the third largest in Pinellas County, Florida. According to the census held in 2010, the city had a population of 77,648. This is a significant increase compared to the census carried out in 2000, which recorded a population of 69,371.

Incorporated in 1905, the city was the first municipality to adopt the council-manager government in Pinellas County. In 1974, it finally became a city after switching back and forth from a town to a city. Until the 1960s, Largo mainly depended on exporting agricultural products. However, due to high population growth, the city could not afford to export anymore.  

The city's population growth expanded city services. Departments across the city witnessed rapid development and improvement in quality due to an increase in population. 

In 1995, city officials opened the Largo Central Park on the old Pinellas County Fairgrounds. After the completion of Largo Central Park, the iconic Largo Clock Tower was constructed. However, on 24th August 2009, the Largo Clock Tower was demolished. The city's officials decided to demolish the tower due to decay and deterioration. Also, the tower's location at the busy intersection turned to an undesirable sight due to its condition. The city officials replaced the area with a small garden area.                                  

The beginnings of Largo City

The Tocobaga Indians, who practiced the Safety Harbor culture, were the native settlers of the Largo area. In the 16th century, the Spanish came to Florida. After years of exposure to diseases believed to have originated from Europe, the Tocobaga had been destroyed by the 18th century. The entire Pinellas County, together with the Largo area, was deserted. Spain transferred Florida's sovereignty to the United Kingdom in 1763. In 1783, Florida's sovereignty fell to the Spanish once more. In 1821, the Spanish transferred it to the United States. 

Around 1852, the families of Daniel and James McMullen were the only homesteaders of the Largo area. McMullen family and other settlers focused mainly on:

  • Growing nuts, citrus, and vegetables 
  • Raising cattle
  • Fishing 

Florida was part of the Confederate States of America during the civil war. Members of Cow Cavalry such as Daniel and James McMullen drove Florida cattle to areas such as the Carolinas and Georgia to support the war effort. Some residents supported the blockade runners, while others served in Confederacy's armies. In 1888, the orange Belt Railway got to the Largo area. The residents had renamed Lake Tolulu to Lake Largo. 

The economy of Largo City

Population growth at the beginning of the 1960s caused the decline of agricultural production and significantly transformed the city into a bedroom community. Agriculture left a big gap behind that electronics could not fill. Other manufacturers in various niches filled the gap and created employment opportunities for the city's residents. Most jobs in Largo city focus on retail sales and services. 

The city is also concerned about its aging population. The local government continues to grow the health care industry. Hospitals are among the major employers across the city. Established in 1978, the (HCA) Hospital Corporation of America owns Largo Medical Center, which includes:

  • The original campus close to downtown Largo
  • The former Sun Coast Hospital 
  • Two different campuses

Largo Arts and culture

Opened in 1916, the Largo Public Library at Town Hall's basement has around 560 different books. However, a new library was opened at a different location to house around 14,000 titles, and in 1977, another library was constructed on a 2.0  (5 acres) piece of donated land. After the library's expansion in 1989, it increased its capacity to hold 250,000 items. The current library building in Largo was built in 2005. 

The city's government

A City Commission made up of seven elected members governs Largo city for a four-year term. The city mayor is the presiding officer and a member of the Commission. The role of this Commission is to set the city's policies, exercising the imposed duties by law. The Commission executes Largo's powers by the passage of a resolution and ordinance. The City Commission also commissions the City Manager, directs, and approves Managers appointments for City Clerk, Assistant Manager, and Attorney.

Among the responsibilities of the City Manager is to provide municipal services across Largo by directing the governing administration. The administration involves:

  • The City Manager's Office
  • Communications and Marketing Office
  • Attorney's office
  • Management and Budget office
  • Clerk's Office

The City Commission appoints the City Manager, responsible for all the operations that the directors conduct. A supermajority of commissioners in Largo is unique in that it is needed to terminate the City Manager.

The climate of the Largo area

The city's location close to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico moderates its climate. Temperatures are high during winter on the Pinellas Peninsula and lower in mainland Florida. The driest season all year round is winter. Most rainfall comes during summer. During summer, a sea breeze carries moisture from the Gulf of Mexico inland. At times, tidal groundwater flooding can occur due to storms. Flooding often leads to inconveniences like compromised infrastructure, overwhelmed storm drains, and flood damage in homes. When this happens, you can trust restation professionals to bring your property back to normal.          

How SERVPRO technicians help property owners with groundwater removal after a heavy storm

Immediately after your property floods, it requires emergency groundwater extraction. Flood damage restoration begins with removing water before drying can start. Home repairs after flood damage can be extensive. Our SERVPRO crew can assess the damage in your home and figure out what needs to be done to repair the affected areas fully. Our technicians can carry out groundwater removal in affected Largo properties properly.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced restorers who have successfully restored thousands of homes. We are certified by the (IICRC) Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification to meet our customers' restoration needs. 

For fast and efficient restoration, we use state-of-the-art equipment and tools. We can use self-priming trash pumps to extract water with solids. The equipment helps hasten the drying process, and it only leaves moisture on the affected surface. Our team can use air moving and dehumidification equipment to eliminate the moisture. We continuously monitor the drying process to ensure that we meet the drying goals. 

We also have a wide range of approved products that we can use to clean and decontaminate the affected area. If contamination exists, we can use water damage restoration products to return the loss environment to its preloss state. We can use antimicrobial agents such as mildewstats and fungistats to act against microorganisms and stop their growth or limit their development. 

Groundwater in your property can lead to huge losses if ignored for an extended period. Contact SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060 for restoration services that exceed your expectations. Our goal is to make the incident seem, "Like it never even happened."