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Water Damage on Your Hardwood Floors in Largo? Call SERVPRO to Avoid Hefty Expenses

10/21/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment in bedroom.  Water damaged hardwood floor. Water damaged hardwood floors? Call SERVPRO of Largo to restore your flooring today!

What to Do When Your Hardwood Floors in Largo Have Water Damage

Hardwood floors are a beautiful and sleek flooring option, but they are also highly susceptible to water damage. To keep your floors in good condition, you need to know not only what causes water damage, but how to prevent it. Our SERVPRO experts in Largo have the drying equipment ready to clean your floors immediately - so you aren’t faced with total hardwood replacement costs.

Assess the Cause of the Damage

There are several events or situations leading to water damage in your Largo home, especially on your hardwood floors. Some of the most common causes of water damage on hardwood floors include:

  • Plumbing leaks underneath the floor
  • Spills from a broken dishwasher or washing machine
  • HVAC machine malfunctions
  • Bursting pipes that spill onto the floor
  • Remove and Extract Water

After we determine the cause of the water damage on your hardwood floors, we use our high-tech water removal equipment to extract the water out of the wood safely. Depending on the size of the area damaged by water, you may need to temporarily move yourself and your belongings out of the home to prevent further damage. After using our tools to remove all excess water from the area,  we do another thorough assessment to ensure that that there is no mold or bacterial growth.

Dry and Dehumidify

After removing the water, your hardwood floors need to be dried immediately. SERVPRO experts use a variety of different vacuum and dehumidification tools to carefully ensure the removal of all particles of water from the damaged area. The drying process is meant to keep the area from getting further damaged. After drying the area, we set up monitors to measure the affected area and track our drying goals. We continue working in your home until the completing of all goals.

Don’t let your hardwood floors get ruined. Call SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060. We offer water damage services to Largo and all surrounding areas. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.  

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We Are Available 24/7 For All Your Largo Fire Damage Restoration Services

10/21/2019 (Permalink)

A kitchen destroyed by a fire covered in soot and smoke damage We cleaned up the fire damage and water damage and tore out the damaged building materials followed by odor control.

Tiny Wire Worked Loose in a Switch Plate or Socket can cause Extensive Fire Damage in a Largo Residence

It doesn't always take much to start a fire. A small wire that ends up corroded from too much humidity can short out and start a fire in your Largo home. You might never notice any difference in the strength of the electricity in that area from other parts of the house. 

Electrical fires cause some homes in Largo isolated fire damage. Our building services department, General Contractor License # CBC1250662, helps in these situations by making repairs to your electrical wiring where needed. Reconnecting loosened wires or making other needed repairs also helps reduce the chances of another fire.

Depending on the location and its cause, a fire could spread and create additional fire damage, or it might burn plastics and leave thick soot deposits. Cleaning soot away from surfaces helps us in determining which materials need restoring and which others became too damaged for this method. Some materials are damaged beyond our ability to clean them, so we need to remove them and then, once we finish, have our building team reinstall new materials. 

Cleaning happens with a sponge, in many places where flat surfaces exist, but others require smaller tools. Trim around doors and windows, switch plates and sockets, and air vents also need a thorough cleaning. Furniture also requires wiping down with special dry sponges and in some places, light application of cleaning agents, brushes, and vacuuming. 

Household linens often collect large amounts of soot during a fire. This soot can eat away at the fabric if left alone, so we vacuum much of the soot away from the textiles. Different materials require different cleaning types, and we discuss these with you to provide the best results. 

The personal belongings of your family members fall into several different category types and SERVPRO has matching methods to restore most, if not all, of these. We have access to different methods that can clean items made of soft materials or non-porous ones. Anything that needs packed up and taken to our facility for cleaning gets inventoried as we place the items in the boxes. We also do the same for any items and building materials that were too damaged for restoration.

SERVPRO of Largo is always ready and near you when your Dunedin or Clearwater Beach residence sustains fire damage from overheated electrical wires or appliances. Call us at our service line, (727) 586-0060, for help in restoring your property “Like it never even happened.”

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Stay Calm and Make These Calls After Hurricane Dorian Causes Flood Damage in Largo

9/15/2019 (Permalink)

Hurricane on a weather map in blue, green, yellow and orange Don’t take on the storm alone, we will be there in Largo after your hurricane water damage.

SERVPRO can help you through the steps after a hurricane in Largo.

When a major hurricane strikes in Largo and other Florida communities, it can sometimes come as a shock when floodwaters rise to unprecedented levels and cause damage to your home. All buildings are put at risk in every storm, even those that have survived many hurricanes in the past. If the worst happens, stay calm and make the right calls to weather the storm as best as possible.


We provide 24/7 emergency services to prepare for disasters like Hurricane Dorian that can cause flood damage in Largo. You should contact us as soon as possible after the disaster so that we can send out damage mitigation teams to immediately extract water and prevent additional damage from happening to your property. In addition to our damage mitigation and restoration work, we can help with other aspects of flood recovery, including a temporary move-out or negotiations with your insurance company. Our national network of resources allows us to handle large-scale disasters like hurricanes without over-extending our personnel and resources, so never hesitate to call us when you need help.

Your Insurance Provider

Calling your insurance company within hours of the disaster hitting your home can help to make sure that your claims get processed and that you receive as much in your payout as possible. Even if the company's telephone lines are jam-packed after the hurricane strikes, automated phone systems and call logs can be very helpful in proving that you took the right steps to report losses and maintain communication. SERVPRO can also work with your insurance company and provide them with updated cost estimates as the restoration process progresses, eliminating some of the paperwork and hassle on your part.

Family and Relatives

While a call to SERVPRO or your insurance company can make sure that your home survives the disaster, your relatives are probably more concerned about you than your belongings. Make sure to call up those who are important to you and let them know that you are okay.

SERVPRO of Largo can help you to overcome even the worst flooding disasters after Hurricane Dorian. Call us 24/7 on our emergency line at (727) 586-0060.

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Our Water Damage Technicians Are Here To Help Your Largo Home

9/5/2019 (Permalink)

Troubled Woman Looking At Leaking Sink Pipe In Kitchen We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Leaking Cold Water Feed To Your Largo Fridge Can Cause Major Issues

One of our clients came home one day after a weekend vacation to find water all over her kitchen. The water had also flowed into the family room of the home. It appeared to be coming from the fridge area. Many high-end refrigerators have ice makers, cold water dispensers and water filters as features. These refrigerators require a water line installed to the back of the fridge to a solenoid which controls the water flow into the fridge. This line had sprung a significant leak at the junction to the solenoid. Water was spraying against the wall behind the fridge.

She called SERVPRO for help about the water damage from her Largo home. Our dispatcher advised the client to turn off the water line to the fridge. If she could not find the valve to shut the water off, she could also turn the valve off at the main water line coming into her home. He also suggested she mop up as much water as possible from the family room.

Our SERVPRO team quickly got to work and vacuumed up the water. The client, at our suggestion, turned on the air conditioning, which helped to dehumidify the home as well. Fortunately, she caught this leak early enough that there was no significant damage to the flooring. A portable dehumidifier was installed in the kitchen for several days to assist in removing moisture. Several large fans were also installed in the family room to assist in drying out the floor. A final check using moisture meters verified that the humidity level was down to a reasonable level, and the flooring sustained no long term damage.

The client was delighted and relieved to get her home back within a few days. She also hired a plumber to repair the leaking water line to the fridge and to install a readily accessible shut off valve for future access. She mentioned that she plans to shut the water off whenever she is away on vacation in the future as a further precaution.

Call SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060 for 24/7 service. We serve Clearwater, Dunedin, Belleair Bluffs, and surrounding areas. We help clients over the phone deal with water damage. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Don't Let Fire Destroy Your Family Treasures in Your Largo Home

9/3/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damaged foyer Often not everything is a loss after a fire. Trust SERVPRO to restore your family treasures.

Steps for Recovery after a Fire Damages Your Largo Home 

Fire disasters are devastating, and they do not discriminate. They can affect any home regardless of its location, condition or age. The flames engulf everything that gets in their way, and this can lead to a significant amount of damage within a short time. Fires also produce a significant amount of smoke that destroys items on its own.

A fire can ruin a lifetime of irreplaceable possessions and precious memories. When your Largo home has fire damage, the first thing you should do is wait until the fire department says it is safe to enter the property. Even though your home may appear to have sustained cosmetic damage, the fire could have severely ruined essential structures, making it unsafe to go back in. A fire can also leave various hazardous debris behind like pieces of broken metals, glass, wood, and plastic. Your property may also have exposed wiring after a fire.

Another vital thing to do after a fire is contacting your insurance firm. Your agent can give you in the right direction and help you take essential steps a few hours after the incident. Some steps may include:

  • Keeping the destruction to a minimum by coverings doors, windows, and other openings to prevent water damage.
  • Putting up a temporary fence around your home to prevent theft and vandalism.
  • Listing the items the fire-damaged and their prices.
  • Locating temporary accommodation for you and your family.
  • Hiring a property inspector to assess the structural damage caused by the fire. Some structures that a home inspector evaluates include the roof, windows, plumbing fixtures, heating systems, floors, doors and door frames, siding, concrete and electrical circuits.

As you speak to your insurance agent, find out what your insurance policy can cover and what it cannot. You should also call a professional fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO to help you clean up your property and restore the damaged structures and contents.

During fire restoration cleaning, our technicians determine which items need salvaging or replacing.  We can also inform you and your insurance company about the condition that may have existed before the fire happened. Addressing preexisting conditions or damages as part of the fire restoration process is not a must, but it is vital to recognize and document them.

Before cleaning structure, our crew tests them to determine the suitable cleaning method. Washable or non-washable are the categories we separate materials. Our SERVPRO technicians can wet clean washable materials using water-based cleaning products. We use dry cleaning methods to clean non-washable materials. Fires may also cause unpleasant odors in your home. We perform deodorization of strong odors like those from a protein fire using equipment like Ultra Low Volume (ULV) foggers and air scrubbers.

If your property in Clearwater, Dunedin, or Clearwater Beach has sustained fire damage, you can trust SERVPRO of Largo with the restoration work. Contact us at (727) 586-0060 to get your home back to livable conditions quickly.

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How Your Auto Shop in Largo Can Stay Prepared for Flood Damages

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

Three SERVPRO trucks in front of a building. Flood Damage is serious, call SERVPRO right away in Largo.

Let us help you get your Largo business back to it original state after flood damage.

Safeguarding your auto shop in Largo against dangers and damages is imperative for staying in business long term. Hurricanes and other storms can have the potential to put you out of business if you are unprepared, even if the storm appears less severe than you might have seen in seasons past. Any heavy rainstorm could become the tipping point that causes your shop to sustain flood damage. Staying prepared can help you to control costs and stay afloat even with your revenue cut off while you undergo repairs and restorations. Take these steps to make sure that you don't go under when the next storm hits.

Get Flood Insurance

Perhaps the single most influential factor in whether an auto shop in Largo can survive flood damage is the type and amount of insurance the business has. Most conventional insurance policies cover everything except for flooding unless you pay extra for that coverage. Every year, we get calls from local homes and businesses that believe they have storm damage covered through their insurance policies, but ultimately do not receive their payouts because they do not have a flood coverage policy. Make sure that your insurance policy covers flood damages and, if it does not, we strongly recommend investing in a separate flood damage policy.

Set up a SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile

The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) system exists to help you get emergency mitigation services to your business as fast as possible after a flood. The ERP system is designed with business owners in mind and allows you to upload relevant documents, information, and building layouts that help our technicians react fast and control the situation better than if you had placed a standard phone call. The ERP system is free to use and has an official mobile app to allow you to call for help at the touch of a button.

Call in Professional Technicians

While minor storm damage can often be fixed with some sealants and a few hours of labor, damage from large storms and hurricanes is often best left to the professionals. Hiring a company like SERVPRO helps to return you to full operations faster and may even be required by your insurance contract.

SERVPRO of Largo has years of experience helping local businesses to overcome hurricanes and other natural disasters. Call us 24/7 at (727) 586-0060 for our emergency services or a quote.

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Fire Damage and a Fast Cleanup at Your Largo Condo--Yeah SERVPRO!

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

The Sign Says It All for Largo Restoration Services

A Largo Summer Gathering Goes Up in Flames

When you live in Largo, a summer gathering with friends is a must.  The heat, longer days, and relaxed atmosphere provide a perfect setting to get together in a half-outdoors, half-indoors event.  It is perfectly normal to set some citronella candles, a grill, and drinks on the patio and then walk in and out of the air-conditioned living room throughout the evening.  What you cannot plan is the billowing curtains catching fire from the citronella candle, causing flames to enter your home and leave a mark on your kitchen while you search for the fire extinguisher to bring the fire under control.

Even as the party resumes, you can already see that your kitchen needs help.  Fire damage to your Largo home is a problem best left to a professional team, such as SERVPRO. Before you attempt to clean the smoke and soot remains with storebought abrasive cleaners, it is best to consult with our fire restoration experts and have them guide you through the process.  By enlisting our expert help, you can prevent subsequent damage caused during the cleanup process.

Our SERVPRO technicians excel at their job because they train in industry best-practices both in a classroom setting and on the job.  They understand the principles behind the physical and chemical aspects of the fire and have seen them in action on the field. As soon as you call us, we can take targeted steps to remediate your damage and leave your kitchen in pristine condition.  Before we arrive, help us mitigate your losses by taking the following steps:

-Isolate your kitchen as much as possible to prevent airborne particles from traveling to other parts of your home

-Remove items unaffected by the fire and extinguishing agents to preserve them

-Use protective equipment such as gloves when handling the residue

Upon arrival, we can take over and apply industry-grade cleaning solutions made specifically for each surface we clean. We always pre-test surfaces, hard, porous, or fabric, before cleaning with our products. Our SERVPRO crew understands the nature of each flammable item (organic vs. manmade products) and applies products accordingly.  Failure to address each item individually can cause irreversible damage by applying the wrong cleaning solution.  

SERVPRO of Largo is ready to get your summer back on track.  Just call us at (727) 586-0060 even if your damage does not appear extensive.  Together, we can leave your home, "Like it never even happened."  

How and Why SERVPRO Restores Largo Home After Damaging Events

7/20/2019 (Permalink)

Here Is Your Answer to Property Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Largo--SERVPRO

Largo Homeowners Trust SERVPRO for Mitigation of Structural and Content Damage with Fast Action

When Largo residents find their homes damaged by fire, water, storms, or mold-they require aid immediately to halt further loss. Our SERVPRO is local, and we are members of the community and support our friends and neighbors with whatever type of restoration services they need.

Water damage in Largo homes happens from plumbing, appliances and sometimes accidents such as a forgotten bathtub faucet left running and remember only when the water from the tub dripped from the ceiling. When you contact SERVPRO for water extraction, our certified Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) immediately scope the property to determine areas where water migrated.

We have access to state-of-the-art equipment to perform all types of specialized water removal. Most of our extraction equipment is a combination of a heater, pump and vacuum unit. We use all three components when pulling moisture out of carpeting or upholstered furnishings to prepare them for drying. For most other types of water removal, the vacuum feature alone removes water efficiently.

Drying a water loss in a home requires more powerful airflow than a standard household fan can provide. Our certified technicians perform techniques to aid in the drying of a room such as drilling weep holes in saturated sheetrock or removing baseboards, so a more significant amount of airflow reaches inside wall cavities. Our air movers blow at such high velocity that they cause embedded moisture to rise for easy removal. After drying, we scope the room to ensure that no excess moisture remains and that it meets our preset drying goals. After the completion of water damage restoration efforts, SERVPRO technicians wipe down all water-affected surfaces with our professional-grade cleaners, so life at home gets back to normal quickly for the residents.

If storm damage hits a Largo residence, SERVPRO stands ready to help. We arrive on-site soon after the initial phone call and perform any needed temporary measure to prevent additional damage to the property such as tarping over a damaged roof or broken window to prevent further water from entering.

Flood damage needs cleanup efforts as quickly as possible. If standing water is over two inches deep, we deploy submersible pumps, so no time is lost in performing water extraction. We scope the rooms and determine item by item what our technicians can save through our specialized cleaning methods. Because groundwater is a category three biohazard, many porous objects such as carpeting have no potential for restoration and require removal from the site for health reasons. In this geographic location, saltwater intrusion can complicate the cleanup and restoration services. To prevent secondary damages like rusting, degradation of wood, especially laminated products, SERVPRO should be called in for the service.

SERVPRO technicians undergo extensive training through the methods as taught by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. When water wicks into sheetrock, once it has warped or buckled, restoration is not an option. We perform a controlled demolition technique known as "flood cuts" to help additional airflow go into wall cavities and save more of the structure for rebuilding.

After completion of flood damage mitigation, our SERVPRO location carries a general contractor license #CBC1250662, and along with storm damage cleanup, we can also rebuild the property and return it to its preloss condition. Using one company for the necessary mitigation and reconstruction saves the hassle and stress of screening and hiring a contractor on top of dealing with the storm damage.

Mold damage in Largo homes needs addressing as soon as you make the discovery. When choosing a company to assist with mold damage, you can rely on SERVPRO as we hold a State of Florida mold remediation certification #MRSR1163 and we follow the best practices to eliminate the colonies and repair the issues that caused the hospitable conditions for spore germination.

Largo homes with fire damage get fast attention from SERVPRO emergency response teams. When a portion of a residence has a fire loss, we contain the area with thick plastic or use negative air chambers dependent on other factors on-site to stop the spread of soot.

Fire debris removal happens quickly as charred items contribute only to the spread of soot and foul odors. We inspect the fire-damaged possessions as we clean to find items with restoration potential. We use different methods from hand wiping with dry-cleaning sponges to a full immersion bath for non-porous items to altogether remove smoke residues, and these techniques assist homeowners in lessening fire loss and avoiding costly replacements. Walls, ceilings and floors receive testing for the type of smoke damage, and we apply the proper cleaning techniques for the best outcome in each case.

Our certified Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians have access to the same type of equipment as the Library of Congress uses for historical documents. When essential papers, books, or other valuable files have damage from smoke or water, we have several different types of restoration methods to use to save them from getting counted as a fire loss including:
?    Air Drying
?    Dehumidification
?    Freezer Drying
?    Vacuum Freeze Drying
?    Vacuum Thermal Drying

We use different types of equipment to eradicate smoke odors in the home. For mild scents, time-release gel pellets overtake residual odors. When the odors are deeply embedded and strong, we have equipment such as thermal foggers or hydroxyl generators that bond with odor-causing soot molecules and neutralize them.

There are cases where the fire damage is so severe that the only option is to perform controlled demolition, save what building materials we can and deploy odor neutralization methods to get the property ready for reconstruction. When this occurs, we can also rebuild for the homeowner.

Why SERVPRO? We know when Largo residents contact us for restoration services, they have experienced a stressful situation in their homes and require assistance. We respond with compassion and professionalism. We communicate with both property owners and adjusters to ensure everyone remains on the same page for each phase of the mitigation process. Our custom-created reports assist with expediting the insurance claim filing process as it contains detailed descriptions along with before and after photos. We do everything to take as much stress as possible off property owners during restoration or reconstruction.

When home disasters happen contact SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060, and we arrive quickly after your initial call no matter what type of restoration services required, we return your property to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

We Arrive As Soon As Possible To Restore Your Largo Home

7/20/2019 (Permalink)

Storm damage occurred at this home when the roof was damaged during a storm.

Flood Damage in Largo Homes: What to Do Before Help Arrives

Heavy storms and hurricanes are not uncommon weather events for Florida residents. When floodwater enters a home, your safety is the most important thing. One of the first things our technicians determine during the initial phone call is if the property is safe for residents to remain on-site. Post-flood dangers in a home include slip and fall accidents from slick, wet floors to electrical shock from the water inside fixtures or wall plugs.

Rainwater and flood damage in your Largo home generally carry two different categorizations. Rain, from an incident such as a damaged roof allowing water in, that is in the house less than 24 hours, has a classification as "clean water" and poses no real health risks. Floodwater that enters as groundwater such as storm surge or flash flooding has the potential to pick up debris, toxins, even sewage and it all comes inside. Residents should avoid contact until our SERVPRO team arrives onsite for flood water cleanup.

Some things you can do before we arrive can assist in lessening water loss from rainwater to your home and possessions:

Use towels or mops to remove excess water
If cushions on sofas or chairs are wet, prop them up, so airflow reaches all sides
Wood stain leeches into wet carpeting, remove or put foil between the legs and carpet or rugs
Take photos and artwork off the walls and store in a dry place

If the water that has entered the home is groundwater, for your safety, avoid contact until our SERVPRO technician tests the water for contaminants. Once we arrive on-site, our certified technicians quickly extract floodwater and dry the home. If flood cuts or other controlled demolition actions were necessary to dry the property, we also have the expertise and licensing as a general contractor #CBC1250662 so we can perform any reconstruction needed to return your home to its preloss condition.

As mold is a significant threat following flood damage, our certified mold remediation specialists #MRSR1163 know the conditions necessary for mold colony growth and use antimicrobial cleaners and sealers to ensure mold is not an issue after the completion of restoration services.

When flood damage is a problem, call SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060, and our emergency response teams arrive on-site soon after your call to make the water loss in your home "Like it never even happened."

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If A Water Incident Damages Your Floors In Your Largo Office Building Our Experts Can Help

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

Call us at (727) 586-0060 with your water damage needs so we can protect your floors and the rest of your property.

Restoring An Office Building’s Floors With Commercial Water Damage In Largo

One of the problems facing property owners in many areas near water, including Largo, involves the harm water from both interior leaks and those that come from outdoors. You generally have more control over the situation when intrusive water comes from a broken pipe than when water comes from elsewhere.

We restore all types of businesses in Largo when commercial water damage strikes and makes carrying out or participating in regular activities difficult or even impossible. When your business includes retail and office tenants, the flooring types in each can vary from one to the next. The technicians from SERVPRO understand how these different floors respond to water and what can occur. We also understand which methods provide optimal results.

Some stores prefer harder surfaces, such as painted concrete. While many view this as a non-porous material because of its widespread use outside, concrete’s use outside happens because of its durability. It does absorb water, but evaporation occurs much more slowly than the rate of absorption. Paint can also slow down how fast moisture leaves and enters the air. While this occurs, calcium deposits can temporarily discolor the surface. These deposits disappear upon HEPA vacuuming.

More complex to restore but still well within our expertise, tile made of vinyl or asphalt derivatives require technicians with advanced expertise to assure you of results that minimize permanent damage from water. Part of the reason tile takes more effort to restore lies in the use of glues to adhere each piece onto the subfloor. With these, white deposits arise from the breaking down of sealer wax. We can easily clean this, and the customer should not view this as a sign of permanent damage.

Drying a wood-based subfloor becomes crucial to restoring the floor’s appearance. We may find that we can dry the underlay from below, instead of removing tiles to apply heat and extraction pads. When tiles lie on top of concrete, asphalt tiles often survive where vinyl ones do not. Many times, customers choose to replace instead of restore vinyl tiles, as this is often the less costly option.

When the vibrant colors of ceramic tile play a role in a store’s appearance, the tiles themselves come out perfectly. Water rarely causes damage to these durable pieces, but when grout deteriorated before the water loss event, it can seep in underneath and cause problems there. Checking the amount of moisture reveals a great deal of information on how SERVPRO technicians need to respond. Air movers might suffice, or pulling up an area of tile so drying must take place before resetting the pieces to prevent moisture causing water damage and microbial infestation.

SERVPRO of Largo serves businesses in Dunedin, all of Belleair, and also Indian Rocks Beach. Call us at (727) 586-0060 with your water damage needs so we can protect your floors and the rest of your property. Our General Contractor License means we can make things “Like it never even happened.”

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