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Will SERVPRO Restore Mold Damage in Belleair Bluffs?

10/21/2021 (Permalink)

Got mold? Call SERVPRO! If mold is left unchecked, it can spread very quickly. Contact our IICRC certified mold damage remediation team for an assessment today.

Yes, SERVPRO's Mold Remediation Process is Here For Your Property.

Fire and water damage is easy to spot and remove from homes in Belleair Bluffs. Since mold is a quiet disaster, it is much harder to find and just as challenging to clean and remove.

Mold damage in Belleair Bluffs starts with tiny mold spores. Typically, these spores are harmless to people and property in their homes. When they come into contact with a source of water, they begin to expand and grow, sending extensions called hyphae to search for a food source. When a colony of mold grows large enough, it can damage property and cause other issues. Fortunately, SERVPRO has a plan.

How Does SERVPRO Deal With Mold?

To remove and clean mold from homes, we have developed a series of tasks that stop growth, protect property and clear out spores quickly. Our first step is to reduce exposure to mold. Our technicians isolate contaminated areas to prevent accidentally exposing uncontaminated parts of the home to active mold spores.

We document everything. The restoration team leader starts with our initial inspection and then records the location and size of each instance of mold. We also record the results of the air content testing we make to see how many spores are floating in the air along with moisture levels. We also record air content levels in unaffected rooms to understand the normal levels for each home.

After testing and isolation, we move to control the contamination at its source. To do this, we set up negative air machines which force spores, dust, and other particulates out of the air. Next, we use commercial vacuums with HEPA filters to remove spores from every surface. That includes not just floors and personal property but drywall and ceiling tiles as well.

Now we remove the mold from the contaminated area. In addition to the vacuums, SERVPRO restoration teams also wipe down every surface with a dry cloth or sponge. If the mold layer is very thick, we use water or a cleaning agent to break it up and remove it with a damp cloth or sponge. If the hyphae have grown into building material like drywall, we remove and replace it.

Our last task is to lower moisture levels to normal. It reduces the chance of new mold growth and makes the home more comfortable for residents. We use dehumidifiers to draw water from the air and nearby property.

Returning your Florida home to its pre-mold state is not an easy or quick process. SERVPRO of Largo is here to walk you through each step and even help you with your homeowner insurance company. For more information on what our teams can do for you, call today at (727) 586-0060.

Water Leaked into My Tiled Florida Room. How Do I Know There is No Lasting Damage?

10/15/2021 (Permalink)

Here to help Don't let moisture take over your property. SERVPRO is Here to Help!

Our SERVPRO Technicians in Largo Mitigate Water Damage with Rapid Extraction

Moisture and humidity are an uncomfortable part of living in Largo. Anything that adds excess moisture is undesirable. For instance, water leaking into your Florida room from your kitchen adds to already-high humidity levels. If left too long, excess moisture may attract insects or foster difficult-to-remove mold growth. Detecting, drying, and removing the moisture right away is crucial to the timely repair of your home.

How Did Water Get Under the Tiles?

SERVPRO Inspects to Detect Hidden Moisture

There are always unique obstacles to water restoration projects in Largo, each requiring customized solutions. For instance, our technicians may find water under the tiles when using moisture detection equipment during their preliminary damage scope. Typically, moisture can appear under flooring when there is pre-existing damage like cracks in the tiles themselves or damaged grouting. If moisture goes undetected under the tiles, you may face more extensive damage like the tiles lifting.

What Equipment Does SERVPRO Use to Remove the Excess Moisture?

  • To dry hidden areas in hard-surfaced flooring, technicians may use Injectidry equipment by the trim work and lower walls.
  • A combination of panels and hosing make up our Injectidry system that pulls excess moisture from the tiles.
  • Technicians use low-profile air moving equipment such as the Velo™ Air Mover in conjunction with a dehumidifier that pulls moisture from the air while blowing warm air over the tiles to dry them.

What Makes Low-Profile Air Movers Different from Regular Box Fans?

  • Velo™ air movers feature high-velocity air movement while only drawing 1.9 amps.
  • They have broad airflow that covers a larger surface area, allowing for uniform drying across your tile flooring.
  • Technicians can position them both horizontally and vertically for optimal drying. 

For prompt 24/7 assistance dealing with water damage, contact SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060. We make it "Like it never even happened. "

What Unique Fire Restoration Approaches Help in Case of Stubborn Odor in Largo Homes?

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

"Call SERVPRO" - woman smelling something bad SERVPRO can help rid your home of those lingering odors after a fire incident. Just call us at (727) 586-0060. We are Here to Help!

SERVPRO Uses a Phased Approach to Ensure Effective Yet Affordable Deodorization 

Bad odor can keep you from enjoying the comfort of your property even after you complete the other fire restoration processes. Odor molecules penetrate deep within some materials in your Largo home, thus acting as a reservoir that keeps resupplying the entire house environment.

Using a single method to eliminate all odors during fire restoration at your Largo home is rarely possible. Although the odor is created in one incident, and your nose probably detects only one type of smell, technically, a bad odor issue is not a single problem. Luckily professional teams like SERVPRO combine several approaches during restoration, so it is possible to eliminate the problem “Like it never even happened.” 

Various Reasons Can Make Odor Linger in Your Property, Including:

  • Deep penetration into porous and semi-porous materials
  • Recirculation of odorous materials by the HVAC system
  • Failure to eliminate all odorous materials

Every deodorization method used within a property has some cost attached. Therefore using several methods can lead to an unnecessarily expensive restoration exercise. Our SERVPRO teams find ways to strike a balance between cost and efficiency. Using phased deodorization is one way to limit cost while maintaining efficiency levels.

Phased Deodorization After a Fire Incident Involves:

  • Physical cleaning of burnt residues
  • Chemical containment that blocks vaporization of odor molecules
  • Vapor odor control by releasing deodorizers that vaporize neutralizing airborne odors
  • Fogging to counteract deeply embedded odor molecules

Phasing means that the deodorization is done in phases and the results evaluated before proceeding to the next stage. That way, the process can be stopped at any stage if the results are deemed satisfactory, thus eliminating further costs.

SERVPRO of Largo can help you find solutions for any challenging aspect of fire restoration. Call us at (727) 586-0060 for immediate assistance.

How Does Water in My Crawlspace Get Removed?

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

sunlight shining through a window into a crawlspace or basement Flooding in your crawlspace area can quickly cause structural damage and create a potential for mold. Contact SERVPRO to assess and remediate.

Flooding Underneath Your House Can Cause Problems for Your Largo Property

Our SERVPRO professionals can help with fast and reliable water extraction. Your crawlspace for your Largo house is a structural design to reduce the exposure of your main floor to situations like flooding. Unfortunately, this area can also get flooded. While this might not be as pressing and severe as several inches of standing water in the main level of your residence, it is a situation that you want to take care of as soon as possible.

Flood extraction for Largo homes and their crawl spaces requires a series of powerful tools and proven approaches. Because of this being a confined space, the methods of extraction and drying change and can be much more complicated. Between removing standing water and preventing recurrences in the future, you can count on our SERVPRO professionals to help however you need.

Should I Do Anything About Flood Water in My Crawl Space?

You would not be alone to think that standing flood water in your crawlspace is not a considerable problem. You might even be among the homeowners that initially choose to do nothing about this circumstance, assuming that it can get better on its own. In truth, there are many reasons that crawl space flooding should be resolved as soon as you can. These include:

  • Deteriorating Structural Elements – Supports and subflooring exposed in this open area beneath your house can become damaged by direct exposure to flooding or the elevated moisture beneath the house. 
  • Microbial Growth – Increased moisture and dampness throughout this area can facilitate mold growth. This spreading organism can quickly penetrate flooring and wall systems to damage the living area above the crawlspace.
  • Bacterial or Viral Pathogens – With natural flooding, there is a high probability that the standing water in your crawl space has some form of bacteria or contaminant. From sewage to decaying carcasses, many dangerous substances and solids can get brought near your home with a flood.

What Contaminants Are Professionals Worried About with Flooding?

Natural flooding often gets treated the same as a biohazard like sewage backup in your house. Because we cannot disprove the presence of harmful or hazardous bacteria and other contaminants, it is a better practice to work as though it is present. For the technicians that must enter the crawlspace to set up extraction equipment and drying tools, we ensure that each of these professionals wears the appropriate personal protective equipment. This gear includes Tyvek full-body suits, respirators, gloves, and closed shoes. This head-to-toe protection of our technicians can keep them safe from contaminants such as:

  • Bacteria
  • Debris
  • Mud
  • Decaying Materials 
  • Oil
  • Chemical Substances 

How Do Water and Moisture Get Removed from a Confined Space?

Confined spaces can be potentially problematic for extraction and drying, especially regarding setting up the equipment in the appropriate areas. The right choices can ensure that water gets removed promptly, and the necessary drying follows after that. With some of the pumps and extractors having a limited discharge and intake hose available, only specific extractors and drying tools can be efficient and effective in flood events damaging a crawlspace. These include:

  • Submersible Pumps – Sump pumps can vary in their power supply, sizes, and strength. While one of the most common extractors used by our SERVPRO team is the electric submersible pump, these are often ineffective in standing water that has solids and debris floating in it. In these cases, gas-powered trash pumps can move this water out of the damaged areas.
  • Wet Vacuums – For standing water that is only a few inches deep, wet vacuums can often complete the removal process. These are versatile machines that are highly portable, making extraction of the entire crawlspace fast and efficient. 
  • Air Movers – Centrifugal and axial air movers both can play a vital role in the evaporative drying of structural elements and the open-air beneath your house. Before permanent long-term solutions can get installed, thorough drying must take place. 

Are There Long-Term Solutions to Prevent Flood Damage?

Preventing further flooding moving forward might not be as complicated as it seems. With crawl space encapsulation, we can take thick plastic sheeting and coat every exposed surface in the crawlspace to prevent water exposure. The installation of drainage and a permanent sump pump can also help to divert water from pooling in this area.

When your crawlspace gets flooded, it might be more critical than you realize to dry up the damage. Our SERVPRO of Largo team can work quickly to protect your home, its contents, and its occupants. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (727) 586-0060.

What Should I Do if My Dishwasher in Largo Leaks and Water Gets Behind My Kitchen Cabinets?

9/17/2021 (Permalink)

puddles of water on the tile floor of a kitchen When your dishwasher leaks, a large amount of water can fall on your floor. Contact SERVPRO right away for water removal and remediation services.

For Water Mitigation Inside Your Kitchen in Largo, Call SERVPRO

Any appliance inside your Largo home that has water running to it is susceptible to malfunctioning and leaking out moisture. For instance, your dishwasher could develop a break in one of its hoses or leak from the machine itself, causing H2O to enter your kitchen.

How can you tell if my kitchen cabinets got wet or if there is moisture underneath them?

During water mitigation inside your Largo kitchen, our SERVPRO technicians can use a non-penetrating moisture meter to detect the presence of moisture in, behind, and underneath your cabinets. Most kitchen cabinets are made with either laminated MDF, solid or engineered wood. Engineered cabinets are similar to solid wood cabinets, but they are made by pressing thin pieces of wood together and then laminating the surface. MDF also has a laminated layer on each side of the material.

Can you restore my cabinets once they get wet?

When dealing with solid wood cabinets, most of the time, they are restorable. Engineered wooden cabinets, though, may delaminate, which can ruin them. Laminate cabinets can also swell and delaminate, making them unrestorable. However, in many cases, we can dry out your cabinets before any swelling or delamination takes place.

How can you dry out my cabinets?

Air Movers- We can set up air movers to create an air circulation that can speed up the natural evaporation process. If possible, we can remove the bottom part of your cabinets so that the air can get pushed underneath them.

  • Dehumidifiers- These machines can speed up drying and evaporation by removing moisture from the atmosphere.
  • Injection Drying- In some cases, the baseboard can be removed from the bottom of your cabinets, and holes can get drilled so that an injection drying system can pump air into the bottom cavity of your cabinets.

If you ever notice that your kitchen floor got wet after your dishwasher leaked, call SERVPRO of Largo at (727) 586-0060.

Why SERVPRO Is the Right Choice for Water Damage Restoration in Largo

9/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vans at a job site Why SERVPRO for Restoration Services in the Largo Area? The team with skills, equipment, and vehicles to respond--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

Many Delighted Largo Area Customers Attest to the Professionalism of SERVPRO's Cleanup and Restoration Services

Our family operated SERVPRO of Largo franchise is proud to receive testimonials from our neighbors like the one below. From a short note to an extensive letter that we receive from our customers, our goals are achieved when they are satisfied with the results of the water, fire, or mold restoration service.

Largo area residential and commercial properties always receive first-class treatments, as evidenced by our numerous awards.

  • Franchise of the Year Award
  • Executive Gold Awards
  • Chairman's Bronze Recognition
  • 8-Times and Counting Millionaires Platinum Awards

A Very Happy Customer

I hired SERVPRO of Largo to respond to an emergency involving a water line break and significant flooding of my Mom's home. They were quick to respond to help mitigate damage by use of dehumidifiers and air movers. David was most helpful in identifying moisture impacted areas, continued monitoring through the drying process, and decision-making all along the way. His consistent availability was very helpful throughout this ordeal. Ryan was very helpful as Production manager in scheduling the work crews needed ultimately to remove impacted sheetrock from walls and tile floor to expose any trapped moisture. Unfortunately, we did discover mold in some of the walls. The crews worked diligently and carefully to remove the mold-impacted debris in a safe and careful manner. SERVPRO brought in air scrubbers to prevent any migration of mold to other areas of the home. They treated wall voids with a botanical disinfectant to kill any mold spores and encapsulated areas to reduce odors until repairs of compromised wood could be made. All of the employees who responded were very professional, polite, and hard working. A very large area of tile and concrete board underneath had to be removed down to the subflooring. It was very hard work, dusty and labor-intensive. The guys work as neatly as anyone could to minimize dust, including sealing off bedroom doors to prevent dust entering other areas of the home.

All of the guys (Mike, Nick, Dan and Tom) worked hard to get the work done as quickly yet carefully as possible. I particularly want to acknowledge Mike who operated an impact hammer and chisel for two straight days to remove all the flooring tile and concrete. That was very hard work yet he remained cheerful despite the arduous task. All-in-all my experience with SERVPRO of Largo was very positive and I would highly recommend them to anyone going through such a disaster in their home. Every representative I dealt with was courteous, professional and competent in their role. I thank them all very much for working with me so cooperatively through a very trying time.

SERVPRO of Largo is available to help 24/7 with scheduled or emergency water, fire, and mold damage cleanup and restoration services. Call or click for a stress-free experience. (727) 586-0060

What Kind of Flood Damage Can Largo Remediators Effectively Handle?

9/12/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded living room with items floating everywhere Flooding is certainly a situation that needs your quick attention. Contact our certified SERVPRO technicians for effective flood damage remediation.

Local Flood Damage Services Routinely Deal With Numerous Storm-Related Issues.

Coastal Florida cities like Largo are notorious for the tropical storm-related damage they suffer annually. The destruction caused varies in severity from year to year and comes in many forms. With that said, it is comforting to know that whatever its severity or form, there are local services that can remediate these problems.

The potential for flood damage after a storm greatly concerns Largo homeowners and prompts many of them to seek help from companies like SERVPRO. Often tropical storms fill locals with fear because these powerful weather patterns can potentially impact their lifestyles and finances for many years to come. In response to these concerns, SERVPRO provides emergency water damage services, including sewage cleanup and other biohazard remediation work, as well as water removal services and water damage repairs. Some of the specific work we do is: 

  • Thorough water damage inspections using infrared cameras, moisture sensors, moisture meters, and thermohygrometers
  • Extensive, large volume water extractions using state-of-the-art portable and truck-mounted extractors
  • Complete interior drying using networks of cutting-edge air movers, dehumidifiers, and innovative Injectidry systems 
  • Expert treatment of structural elements and other interior surfaces with industrial-grade antimicrobials to prevent health effects and eradicate building material-eating microbes
  • Full house deodorization with sophisticated foggers and EPA-approved deodorants

All of these efforts generally return our neighbors’ homes to their pre-flood condition in less time than other area remediators can. 

Considering all this, it’s easy to understand why so many trust SERVPRO of Largo to clean up and restore their flood damage. So, regardless of the extent of your flood-related issues, rest assured in knowing that we can likely help. Call us anytime at (727) 586-0060 for assistance.

Avoid Delays in Clearwater When Water is Flowing into Your Property

8/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment Our certified technicians come prepared with state of the art equipment your property needs after a water incident occurs.

Toilet Supply Line Break Can Damage Your Home

Disasters can strike your Clearwater home without warning and cause widespread damages, especially in centrally located regions of your house. When there is a water damage incident that originates in the bathroom, the materials exposed can absorb a lot of this flowing water. Still, it can also spread quickly to adjoining spaces over just a short period. Overcoming this damage requires fast response times and technicians with the training and certifications to make a difference quickly. 

When it comes to overcoming water damage in Clearwater, like a toilet supply line break in your residence, you want a team of experts to arrive when the situation occurs. Our SERVPRO franchise is a 24-hour response center offering immediate attention to the disasters that affect your property. With a fast response time, we can help limit the necessary restoration work required and preserve at-risk elements of the property with our initial arrival. 

Water Damage Restoration Equipment

Much of our restoration and mitigation work relies heavily on the advanced technology and equipment our technicians have at their disposal for water cleanup and extraction. With high volumes of water affecting the bathroom of your home, we can utilize equipment like our truck-mounted and gas-powered pumps to pull water from the damaged areas of your home fast. With the excess removed, our SERVPRO professionals can focus on restorative actions like thoroughly drying the saturated materials and contents of your house. 

When it comes to choosing the right professionals to help you overcome the water damaged elements of your home, you need a team that has industry-leading equipment capable of doing the job correctly and as quickly as possible. 

While you might not get prepared to face water damages resulting from an emergency like a water line break in your bathroom, having a trusted group of highly trained water restoration specialists available 24-hours a day can help ease your mind. Give our SERVPRO of Largo emergency response team a call anytime. You can reach us at (727) 586-0060.

Importance Of Regulating Humidity For Mold Damage Control In Your Largo Home

8/13/2021 (Permalink)

"Humidity" Mold is a serious issue that should be taken care of right away. Don't wait, call in the experts at SERVPRO!

Regulating Humidity And Mold Damage

Usually, something reasonably obvious like a leak or a flood is the cause of a mold outbreak. You trust this to be the rule to explain mold growth, so microbial activity in non-water damaged areas of your home takes you completely by surprise. SERVPRO knows microbial outbreaks do not always play by the rules, but we have confidence in our mold remediation methods.

Why would mold damage be a problem in your Largo home if the roof is sound and all plumbing up to date? The average on the Gulf Coast of Florida high temperature is 80 degrees all year round, edging into the 90s during the summer months. The humidity is also oppressive. Many homes have central air conditioning or window units to minimize the discomfort of extreme heat and excessive moisture in the air. If your air conditioning system malfunctions or underperforms, the air quality in your home suffers, feeling moist and sticky.

Humidity in your home of more than 60 percent supports mold growth even without any water seeping out of leaky pipes, a hole in the roof, or other water flooding situations. If you try to save on energy use by running your air conditioner infrequently or not at all when the humidity is high, do not be surprised that mold damage is an unintended consequence. When SERVPRO hears a story of mold growth absent an apparent leak, we pay close attention to the moisture level in your home's air. We use precise measuring tools to monitor the humidity levels as we take all the steps necessary to decrease the fungal damage.

Why SERVPRO for Mold Inspections, Remediations, and Removal

Once we contain and remove the mold and disinfect the area, we turn to reducing the moisture content of the air to prevent future mold outbreaks. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers both remove dampness, and we advise continuous operation until the humidity drops. The ideal range is between 30 and 50 percent ambient moisture. Our technicians evaluate the operation of your air conditioners, checking for clogged drainage hoses or other easily repaired issues to improve their air drying capacity. We have portable dehumidifiers to decrease humidity if necessary. As a final step, we help you set up your own AC and dehumidifiers to maintain the levels we achieve with our professional equipment.

Contact SERVPRO of Largo whenever a musty smell or mold growth invades your home. Call (727) 586-0060 for an inspection and depend on us to craft a plan to remove the mold and limit moisture to prevent more growth.

What Factors Impact Cleaning Fire-Damaged Largo Warehouses?

8/3/2021 (Permalink)

Warehouse Fire damage in your warehouse? You need help from certified professionals. Call SERVPRO right away!

Post-fire Cleanup of Largo Commercial Property Focuses on Many Variables. 

After fire impacts your Largo warehouse, you need fast and focused cleaning and restoration efforts. Our fast response throughout the city can help when disaster strikes. 

What Factors Might Impact Smoke Removal? 

Fire damage restoration for Largo businesses like warehouses and manufacturing facilities can require several types of cleaning and restoration approaches. From the large open areas to stored stock and inventory, the spread and severity of smoke damages can significantly affect a structure immediately following a fire. Some of the factors that determine the type of soil or smoke damage left behind include:

  • Age of Materials – The older specific building materials are, the harder they will be to clean. While a warehouse might be made of many non-porous materials, those susceptible to fire damage are even more prone to harm if they are older.
  • Heat of the Fire – Even with the basic construction materials common to the smaller rooms and offices of the warehouse, the higher the heat, the greater the effects like charring or melting. 
  • Humidity – The moisture content of the property can leave more surfaces and contents open to permanent damage like staining. This wetness of the materials could result from firefighting efforts or higher relative humidity in the Greater Largo region. 
  • Impingement – Impinging is a collision of smoke and soils with surfaces and contents throughout the structure. An increase in warm air can cause a greater velocity and turbulence of the air and more contents and materials in the facility impacted. 

With so many factors that can influence the type of smoke, the thickness of residues, and the ease of cleaning commercial properties like your warehouse, fire restoration should be left to professionals. Our SERVPRO of Largo team is standing by to help 24/7 at (727) 586-0060.