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Preventing Water Damage While You Are Away from Your Largo Home

3/21/2017 (Permalink)

Broken Water Pipes Lead to Water Damage and Flooding in a Largo Condo

Damage to Your Condo from Water Can Be Prevented

When you are away for a while is not the time you want your home or condo to suffer from water damage. It is a surprise event which you do not expect upon your return. The damage can be devastating, and you need professional help to clean it up and repair your home, which is why you need to call the team at SERVPRO.
A few causes of water damage include leaking supply lines, dripping water heaters, and ruptured washer hoses. Before you leave your Largo home for a short while, or for the season, there are steps you can take to prevent water damage from happening.
Shut Off the Main Water Valve
The simplest way to avoid water damage is to turn off the water at the main valve, which controls the water which enters your home. Make sure your entire family knows where it is located in case an emergency arises. If you have not ever shut off the main water valve before, be sure to test it by turning on a faucet before leaving.
Think About Your Appliances
If someone is taking care of your home or pets while you are gone, or you have automatic sprinklers, turn off the valves to any major appliances. Your ice maker, dishwasher and washing machine all have shut off valves or switches which can be turned off.
Remember your sinks and toilets. These fixtures have a valve underneath that is easy to shut off. These devices are where leaks occur quite frequently. Leaks can become floods. SERVPRO has plenty of experience cleaning up water damage from various types of water leaks, so if something does happen, be sure to have our staff help you do the cleanup and repairs.
Check Supply Lines
If any of your supply lines are plastic, you want to upgrade to stainless steel. Plastic lines easily break and can rupture while you are not at home. They are generally under twenty dollars to replace. Inspect them before you go on vacation or up North instead of waiting until the last minute. Take a flashlight and look at the kind of lines you have on your appliances.
Check Your Gutters
Look for debris, sticks, and leaves which could clog the gutters up and overflow or flood. Clean the gutters out to be safe, and make sure all the downspouts discharge around ten feet from your house. If they do not, you need to add an extension to the downspout. When it is raining, you could have hundreds of gallons of water flooding close to your home. If you live in a condo, make sure that the maintenance of your building also includes the above preventative steps to avert water damage.
Check for Automatic Shut-offs
There are many plumbing devices on the market that are high-tech and can sense and shut off leaks in your house. Check your local hardware store and online to find the newest gadgets which can save you during an emergency. There are even smart devices which can sense if you have gone out of town.
SERVPRO of Largo are the experts you need when you do have a water emergency while you are away. They can find the source of the water, fix the problem, and also search for any mold, as it can grow and spread quickly once there is excess moisture present. Give us a call at (727) 586-0060 immediately if you return home from vacation to a water disaster of any kind.

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